Help future generations know their family history.

Imagine a recording of your great grandparents having a conversation about their life. 

What would you be curious to know? What would you be glad they preserved?

"Just finished watching the video and WOW. You were able to bring things out from us, in such a comfortable way, I wouldn't have thought possible. Thank you all!"

What we offer:

Legacy Interviews is a service designed to record the stories and values of individuals and couples so that future generations can know their family history. We help preserve and pass down stories, the sounds of voices and mannerisms that otherwise will be lost to time.

Your loved one will be recorded having a conversation about their life. They are guided to talk about their experiences so that lessons can be shared and memories kept alive. 

How we started:

Vance Crowe, started Legacy Interviews after recording a private interview the child of a friend. A month later the friend called and said, “If my house were on fire, and I could only save one thing, it would be the conversation you had with my son… I think you should pay attention to this.”

Vance went out on his podcast and asked if any listeners wanted him to interview a parent or grandparent about their lives. The response was so overwhelming that Vance realized, there was a need to record the stories and values of loved ones.

Now, Vance hosts every interview in our Saint Louis studio, and we have a team of producers and editors that make the video look and sound archive grade.


"Our 8 year old granddaughter had tears when Grandma said the grandkids were everything."

Family stories help us make better decisions.

The most important wisdom comes from the stories of the people that came before us. Not long ago families lived closer together. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins gathered together more frequently. Children heard how family members faced hardships, they were inspired by overcoming obstacles and they learned about what makes them a part of something special.

The lessons passed down are more important than “how did you live without cell phones,” the stories help create a timeless road map for navigating life, and knowing who you are.

"After we left your office we were truly blown away by the process. Thank you so much for all that you put into these interviews! It was an amazing day!"

Why a Legacy Interviews is special:

Important family stories are often not easy to tell, they can involve painful memories and past mistakes. Our goal is to help guide you or your loved ones to feel comfortable enough to look backwards at life and tell what really happened.

At the end of a Legacy Interview, guests tell us they were astounded by the many wonderful things they forgot about until they were asked. They look back and they see their tough times as important milestones that created unimaginable good many years in the future.

Often, guests that were the most reluctant to do an interview feel energized and excited when they realize that the life they led had so much value and so many deep experiences.

"I want to thank you for this because now I have a way to sit down and watch my papaw talk and smile and tell stories!"

The Bigger Picture: A Race Against Time

At Legacy Interviews, we believe that Western culture is in a race against time to capture the rich experiences of families from throughout society. The challenges of the future will be better handled if we preserve the stories of the past.

If our services don’t fit your family needs, don’t let that stop you from contacting us to help you think of the right questions, and creating the right situation to record your loved one’s unique history and wisdom.

"There is so much value to the stories of the strife that he went through. It was incredibly emotional to watch, it was priceless." -Zack Smith, Farmer