Origin Story

One fall evening an out of town friend brought his 6 year old son, Oliver to Vance’s podcast studio. Just for fun, they turned on the microphone and recorded Oliver, pretending that he was a guest on the podcast.

Host Vance Crowe

Vance asked the boy questions like “tell me about your best friend?” “what do you think your dad does when he goes to work?” and “what is your favorite place to visit?” After the 30 minute interview, Vance edited the interview to make it feel like a real interview and sent a DVD to his dad.

A few months later, the dad called Vance “I was asked what I would save if my house were on fire, I knew instantly that I would get the DVD of the interview you did with Oliver. I can’t replace it, and I wanted you to know how valuable it is to me.”

Vance mentioned this experience on the podcast. Quickly, listeners started to reach out to see if Vance would schedule an interview with their loved one.

One of the guests ended up being a 65 year old man who recorded an interview for his daughters. A few weeks after we sent the recording, we heard back that he had developed Parkinson’s. His gratitude and insistence on the value of these recordings prompted us to develop these Legacy Interviews into a full business.

From the parent that wants to capture their child’s essence, to the soon to be newly weds, to the grandfather that wants to leave something behind; we take pride in helping people record the stories, wisdom and family values you want to leave behind.


A professional recording of a conversation of your loved one being interviewed describing their childhood, career, marriage, parenting and their legacy. These interviews will capture the way your loved one looks and sounds when they are telling your family stories. The recording’s value increases as time goes on, ultimately allowing their memory and legacy to live on. These stories are valuable. The right interviewer will ask the questions in a way that make your loved one feel comfortable expressing honest personal details.

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