Origin Story

Early Legacy Interview
Vance Crowe, Legacy Interview Founder

Capturing Family Stories for Future Generations

The Birth of Legacy Interviews: 

In an unexpected twist of fate, Vance Crowe, host of a popular podcast, discovered a unique service that would resonate with hundreds of people across the United States and Canada. One day, a podcast listener, accompanied by his young son, dropped by to deliver a book. The boy, recognizing Vance as “the guy on dad’s radio!”, was thrilled.

Vance, invited the young boy to participate in an impromptu podcast recording. This interaction, engaging and heartfelt, would become the foundation of Legacy Interviews.

Creating Unforgettable Memories: The First Legacy Interview

In Vance’s home studio, the six-year-old boy was asked about his life, his friends, and his view of his dad’s profession. The resulting interview was precious, a candid and authentic snapshot of a child’s perspective. After editing it like a professional podcast, Vance sent a copy to the dad.

The dad later revealed “if my house were on fire that interview is the one thing I’d save.”

This profound revelation emphasized the immense value of these personal narratives, compelling Vance to offer this service to a wider audience.

Legacy Interviews Takes Off: Preserving Personal Histories

Vance shared this heartwarming story on his podcast and introduced the concept of Legacy Interviews, offering to record private interviews as unique Christmas gifts. To his surprise, the response was overwhelming. The demand skyrocketed beyond his expectations, cementing the need for such a service.

Legacy Interviews became a way for people to capture and preserve their stories, values, and experiences for future generations to know their family history. Most often, these interviews are purchased for parents or grandparents. However, some individuals choose to record their own stories, ensuring their legacy is passed down.

Expanding the Scope: Legacy Interviews in Business

In the last year, businesses have discovered the value of Legacy Interviews. They’ve begun to see them as exceptional gifts for clients, and a powerful tool to earn referrals.

Furthermore, Vance now offers a specialized service to help business owners and executives elucidate their company’s worth to potential buyers, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the firm’s value. This expansion not only enhances business prospects, but also seamlessly aligns with the core mission of preserving and communicating unique narratives.

Legacy Interviews Today: A Growing Service with a Personal Touch

From its humble beginnings, Legacy Interviews has grown substantially. Vance has since moved to a professional recording studio and expanded his team. Despite this growth, he remains the heart and soul of the service, acting as the host for every single interview.

Through Legacy Interviews, hundreds of people have been able to capture and share their stories, ensuring their personal histories live on for future generations. Invest in Legacy Interviews today, and give your loved ones the priceless gift of preserved memories.


A professional recording of a conversation of your loved one being interviewed describing their childhood, career, marriage, parenting and their legacy. These interviews will capture the way your loved one looks and sounds when they are telling your family stories. The recording’s value increases as time goes on, ultimately allowing their memory and legacy to live on. These stories are valuable. The right interviewer will ask the questions in a way that make your loved one feel comfortable expressing honest personal details.

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