Books and Long Term Video Storage

We can create additional copies of your interview on an M-Disc for long term storage and we can transcribe your interview and have it printed in a leather bound book.

Both options offer you the opportunity for long term storage.

Older Couple Doing A Legacy Interview

Turn your interview into a book

Create a true family heirloom

We can turn your a half-day or retirement interview into a beautiful hand crafted leather-bound book.  The process includes a four stage writing/editing process and you can include up to 15 color photographs.

The entire book its made from archival grade materials and are hand stitched with linen thread using 100% cotton. The leather cover is made from cowhide made in Italy.

Click here to read about why book binding matters when you want something to last

Transcribe your interview and have it printed: $1,500

Long Term Video Storage

Put your video on a special DVD

Store your interview to last generations

Each interview comes with an M-Disc mailed to the guest’s home for long term storage. M-Discs are special DVD’s that can be played in most Blue-Ray DVD players made after 2005.

M-Discs are made from a special material that if properly cared for can last as long as 1,000 years.  Click here to learn more about long-term digital storage.

Additional copies of M-Discs $40 + shipping