Honor an outgoing board member's service to your association.

Celebrate your departing board member with a Legacy Interview, capturing their personal journey and valuable insights. 

Record the history of your organization; the significant policies and people of their era, ensuring a rich preservation of institutional knowledge for the organization’s future benefit.

Company Archive Video

Get the organization's history into the future.

This is half-day experience  captures the history and stories about the association in order to understand the context of decisions made during their tenure.

We will deliver 2 videos for the company archive, one that is full length and another that is edited to be viewed at a retirement celebration.

– This package includes a lunch or dinner with our executive chef.

Company Archives video: $3,500

Full-Day Special

In this special offer we will include a half-day “Company Archives” video for the organization and a half-day private Legacy interview for the family. 

This allows organizations to benefit from capturing stories for the company archives and offers a sincere thank you to the family of the board member in the form of a deeply personal private interview about their life story. 


  • 1 private half-day Legacy Interview.
  • 1 In-depth industry interview about your organization and for the archives.
  • 1 highlights video of the best stories and anecdotes that can be shown at a retirement party or posted on your website.
  • Catered lunch or dinner. 

Full Day: $4,500

What makes this gift special?

When a person from your company retires you will miss a lot more than their daily contributions, you also lose the stories and wisdom that made your company successful.

Listen to Doug Rushing talk about how his stories were captured after retiring from Monsanto.

Play Video

Learn about the host: Vance Crowe

Vance Crowe has worked in agriculture for more than 10 years. Formerly, a spokesman at Monsanto and now public speaker, Vance has addressed more than 250,000 people on topics such as GMO’s, Pesticides, Succession Planning and talking productively with critics.

Vance has a special knowledge of farming and can ask questions about your board member that a normal interviewer would not think to ask.  Vance has similar values and comes from small-town America so you can be confident he will help your board member feel comfortable and excited about sharing personal and organizational stories.    

What others are saying:

"This is a powerful way to preserve institutional memory. You will capture the lessons learned and help the future understand the organization, policy and people of the era."
Lyle Benjamin
Former National Association of Wheat Growers Board Member

Watch Vance interview:

Vance has a long history in agriculture and was granted the opportunity to conduct the last known interview with the venerable professor Barry Flinchbaugh of Kansas State University. Here you will see how Vance constructs questions and allows his guests to explain their point of view. 

Take the first step

Contact us to find out if this is right for your organization, or to book your interview. 

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Airport and Hotel

If you book your retiree with Legacy Interviews we will personally pick them up from the airport (about 12 minutes away)  and will help assist you with booking a hotel right next to the studio.