A Gifting Strategy

You want your clients to understand how much you value their business. Often, traditional gifts don’t authentically represent your level of respect. You don’t want to appear extravagant but you also recognize that the right gift can forge a deeper relationship.

Legacy Interviews are the perfect gift that a business can have for both long-time clients and some critical prospects.  


With our Legacy Interview packages, your firm can purchase a set of interviews that you can offer to clients throughout the year.  These packages create a special opportunity to meet for a private lunch made by our own executive chef and can include a leather-bound transcript of the conversation. 

Clients tell us that their mood, and focus following their Legacy Interview is one of peace and enthusiasm for the future. The perfect time for you, the giver of the gift to meet them and hear about their once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

"We plan to work with Vance to do updates of the project every five years.  He has such a unique ability to ask the right questions.  Despite the cameras, lights and production equipment, it felt like we were having a conversation with a friend on our back porch.  He got beyond the surface and dove deep into the emotions and stories that truly make us who we are."
Jason Logsdon
Chairman of Broadview Group Holdings, LLC

How our packages work

If you purchase a package of interviews, this enables our team to create a tailored experience that puts your company in an unforgettable light. 

Step 1: Send us the name and address of the client receiving the gift. We will send a personalized gift package to their home describing the service and explaining that a personal assistant has been assigned to them that will handle all of the scheduling and answer any questions. 

Step 2: Personal attendant handles all the details. We will contact the client, schedule their interview and then provide your office with all of the details so you can coordinate if you want to meet them afterwards.

Step 3: We conduct the interview. Your client will have a once in a lifetime experience being interviewed by conversation guide Vance Crowe. Afterwards we will have a meal catered by our executive chef.

Step 4: We deliver the interview & transcript to the client. The video and transcripts are delivered directly to the client 6-8 weeks after the interview. We will let you know that we have delivered the package and if there is a public portion of the interview we will share that with you. 


Memento Interviews with lunch hand-off

This is a half day interview perfect for an individual or couple that want to be interviewed together. Your client will be greeted over coffee during a morning or afternoon session by our host Vance Crowe.  The conversation will cover the five primary areas of a person’s life (childhood, career, marriage, parenting and their legacy).

Celebration Package: Capturing memories for the archive

This is a full day interview with the intention of recording both a private video for the client and a public facing video that could be shown at a celebration. This allows the company to give an intimate private gift while also preserving some of the historical memory of the organization.  This option includes the catered lunch and the seamless handoff, along with 2 videos (public and private), and a transcript for the client being interviewed.

After the interview host Vance Crowe will write a summary of the highlights of the interview and with the approval of the guests, will send that to your team so that you better understand your client.  This is perfect for helping write a retirement speech or to honor a milestone anniversary.

Autobiography in a day with evening hand-off

This is a full day experience which allows for either a more detailed conversation with a single person or could be used to allow mom and dad to do individual interviews and an interview together totaling 3 separate interviews. Afterwards, we will transcribe the conversation and print it as a leather bound book.  

Take the first step

Contact us to find out if this is right for your organization, or to book your interview. 

Click here to view an example gift pamphlet for you to provide your client or retiree.