A success story of a client who utilized Legacy Interviews to preserve his life story for his family and loved ones.

Grant Williams, the creator of the women’s clothing brand Soft Surroundings, recorded a Legacy Interview with conversation guide, Vance Crowe. 

Mr. Williams wanted to preserve the context of how he succeeded in business so that his daughters could understand where their family’s wealth came from.

Vance asked questions that helped generate Mr. Williams’s memories, insights, and valuable life lessons. Mr. Williams was thrilled with the result.

“I made this for my kids and the wonderful people who worked with me for many years. My kids loved it. Deeply consider the things you want to pass on. Soon after the interview I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and have suffered appreciable cognitive decline, so I’m grateful I was captured near my best.”

Mr. Williams’s experience showcases the power of Legacy Interviews to create a lasting impact.

Mr. Williams heard about Legacy Interview from his wealth management firm, a company that benefited tremendously from offering their client access to this special service. This service can help you to build deeper, more meaningful relationships and prompt them to tell their friends and family about you and your firm.