Help future generations know their family history.

A Legacy Interview is an experience that is both fun and deeply meaningful. 

Our conversation guide will keep the conversation moving, ask follow-up questions and ensure that the guest shares stories that future generations will value. 

Guests describe the experience as “deeply meditative” and “exhilarating” 


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The Five Areas

Capturing a complete picture:


Your conversation guide will ask questions from five areas of life. 

Childhood: Questions about growing up, your parents and what the world was like.
Career: Questions about your work, what you had to overcome and what you are proud you accomplished.
Marriage: Questions about meeting your spouse, building a relationship and advice for future generations
Parenting: Questions about raising children, what was more difficult than you expected and joyful memories?
Wisdom: Questions about life, spirituality and thoughts on the future. 

One parent is an extrovert, the other, an introvert who was anxious about participating. Vance adjusted, making them both feel at ease. From stories to deeply held beliefs, they answered questions I’d never even thought to ask.
My parents and I sat down to watch both the interviews on Christmas Eve and it’s a memory I’ll cherish forever!

— Hannah Neuenschwander

Write Your Autobiography in a Single Day

Preparing for the interview

We will send you a “Preparing for Your Interview” guide about 2 weeks before the interview. There you will find an overview of the experience, tips on what to wear and an entire section on questions designed to get you thinking about the stories of your life.

You will also be sent a questionnaire to help us know the most important things to ask.

The Interview

A half-day session is between 1.5-2 hours of interviewing. The conversation will be guided with questions. Answer any question you choose and we can remove anything you wish.

If you are doing a full day session, we will take breaks and even cater lunch. 

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