How it Starts?

When you arrive for your session you will be greeted at the door, and given a tour of the recording studio. Then you will take your seat and get mic’d up to record your interview over the next two hours. You will be on video so you should dress comfortably. People sound their best when they feel good about what they are wearing.

Once you start, there is no rush to get through stories, and Vance is great at helping people get to the point on stories that cover 5 potential areas in your life: Childhood, Career, Marriage, Parenting, Legacy. You can see the primary list of questions he will draw from. Then depending on your answers he will guide the conversation to be balanced and moving forward.

Vance will ask questions that empower you to tell more details about the things that make your life unique. Vance will be genuinely interested and also is keen at asking questions that will help you open up more. This is a place where you can talk about the parts of life that were tough, but had a deep impact on your worldview.

You may bring a guest. This person will be able to see into the studio and listen to your story over headphones with a cup of coffee. Or we can pull the curtains and make the room private.

The recording will sound like a conversation between you and Vance, with you doing 95% of the talking. When we edit the interview, we rarely have anything to cut because the conversation flows and you won’t even feel like you are on camera. More like you just met someone that is really interested to meet you.

It is your recording, so if you want us to delete any segment or the entire interview, you can request that.

When you leave, you will receive an estimate of when the interview will be ready to be sent to you. A few weeks later you will receive a link to download the interview and a link to view the video.

Interview Formats

Concierge Interview

Some clients purchase this unique service as a gift for a person that will need to fly into Saint Louis.  We will pick your special person up from the airport and bring them to our 16th floor studio with a skyline view. 

The guest will have lunch with host Vance Crowe and take some time to get to know one another before they begin an in-depth interview.

After the interview, we will escort them to their hotel where they can freshen up before being taken to dinner with Vance. In the morning your special person will be transported to the airport.  

Standard Interview

The in-person interview experience will be a high quality, fulfilling experience. Your loved one and a guest will visit a state of the art recording studio, be offered drinks and comfortable seating, and sit down with the highly personable host Vance Crowe for a discussion that is focused on themselves. Interviewees often remark that the experience was so enjoyable that it seemed like it flew by. The interview process will last approximately 2 hours.

We can talk about anything, but we usually start with this list of questions as thought starters. Before our interview starts, you will have an opportunity to tell the host if there are specific questions you want to be asked, or any areas you want to avoid. 


Keep in mind, this is your interview, if you decide afterwards that there are parts of the interview you would like deleted- that is no problem. 

We take security very seriously. Your stories and thoughts will never be shared with anyone outside of the people producing the Legacy Interview. We have strict confidentiality agreement that legally prevents us from sharing anything identifiable about your stories (see our privacy and confidentiality agreements here).


During the interview there will be the host and a producer (working the cameras). Your interview will also be seen by an editor.  All of the people associated with Legacy Interviews have been vetted and have signed a non-disclosure agreement stating that they will not share anything learned in these interviews.


Occasionally for marketing purposes, Vance will talk about lessons he has learned, but these stories will never be attributed to anyone and will only be presented in a positive manner.


We host and deliver your video interview via Google Drive which utilizes industry grade online security. Once we have successfully delivered your interview, we will delete all copies in our possession. 


In our experience, every family has stories that are difficult to tell, and some that should be told. Our role is to create the right situation for you or your loved one to talk about the history you want recorded. We will ask respectfully ask questions that open the door to tough topics, but we will also be sensitive to topics that are too painful or not good to have recorded. 


On rare occasions we have been asked to not ask questions related to a specific family member or subject. We will do our best to take the conversation where you want it, and ultimately recognize that it is the guest that chooses what they want to record.

Our host, Vance Crowe, is a world class conversationalist. He has interviewed tribal chiefs in Africa, leaders at the World Bank and has worked alongside farmers, asphalt pavers and as a sailor. He is able to find common ground with people from all walks of life.

Vance will be curious about your loved one, and will be open to sharing enough about himself to make them feel comfortable. It may take a few minutes, but we are confident that he can help almost anyone understand why he is asking questions and demonstrate he is worthy of their trust.  

Quickly your loved one will feel relaxed and comfortable that they are in control of the conversation. 

The guest being interviewed owns the interview. If at any time the guest wants to stop the conversation or wants us to delete all or part of the interview, their request will be fulfilled as soon as possible.


If you purchase this gift for another person we will ask the guest for permission to share their interview with you, it is their choice. We will alert you once the interview has been scheduled, when it has been conducted, and when we have delivered the interview. If they choose we will also give you direct access to watch or download. 


After we have delivered the interview we will store a copy for a fee. Otherwise we will delete all copies of the interview to ensure your family’s confidentiality.


To learn more see our privacy policy