Yes, you may have an interview with two people in it at no additional charge. We do not allow more than 2 people in an interview however as the conversation is difficult to balance and do in the allotted time.

We recognize that every life is unique, if any of the 5 topic areas (childhood, career, marriage, parenting, legacy) aren’t relevant to your interview, simply tell us during the purchasing process and we will supplement that section(s) with alternative questions that are equally as illuminating about their life.

Yes. This is a common practice! Some of the first legacy interviews we ever did were purchased by the person we were interviewing. Often these are to be left in a trust, or given to younger family members at a future time.

Yes. Occasionally guests will see a value in spending the entire 1.5-2 hour interview on a single topic area. If you would like to do a multi-segment interview send an email to info@articulate.ventures to secure a better price and to organize the schedule to efficiently record the session.

It is common for some people to feel modest about sharing their stories with a professional interviewer. We have found that watching part of an episode of the Vance Crowe Podcast helps reluctant interviewees understand what it will feel like to be interviewed.

Vance is always patient before beginning the interview. He will strike up a conversation with your loved one, explain the process, and answer any questions or concerns they have.

In the rare event that your loved one declines the interview, simply write an email to info@articulate.ventures and we will refund your purchase.

You are welcome to reschedule your interview up to 72 hours before your interview for free. Any reschedules within 72 hours will require a $75 rebooking fee to cover the costs that we cannot recoup within 72 hours.

Yes, we are willing to travel to the guests at an additional cost. Send an email to info@articulate.ventures to inquire about us traveling to your location to do the interview.