Gift Letter

The following letter from us will explain the interview:

You are receiving this email as a gift from (GIFTER), who is giving you an opportunity to record a private interviewed about the stories and wisdom you have accumulated during your life. We call these “Legacy Interviews” People tell us that if their house was on fire, this Legacy Interview is the thing they would run back in for.

Below you will see a button for you to schedule your in-person interview with Vance Crowe at the professional audio-studio in Richmond Heights, Missouri on the 16th floor the beautiful University Tower building overlooking Clayton. 

The private recording session will last approximately 2 hours and can be scheduled Monday through Friday during a morning or afternoon session. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR INTERVIEW

(For more information about the session click this link).

Looking forward to our conversation,
Vance Crowe
Host of your Legacy Interview