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Your Guide to Gifting a Legacy Interview

Giving the gift of a Legacy Interview to a loved one is a beautiful way to preserve their memories and stories for future generations. It gives the opportunity to learn of their life, experiences, and hopes for the future. It is a chance to hear their stories about love, loss, and everything in between.

There are a range of emotions that may be felt when initially gifted the Legacy Interview as well as throughout the process.

  • Honor: They may feel honored to be asked to participate in a Legacy Interview.
  • Surprise: They may be surprised and taken aback by the gesture.
  • Gratitude: They may feel grateful for the opportunity to share their story and legacy.
  • Reluctance: They may be reluctant to share due to the way they will be perceived. They may not think they have anything worth sharing.
  • Excitement: They may be excited to share their story with others and to leave a lasting legacy.
  • Nervousness: They may be nervous about being interviewed and about sharing their personal story.
  • Peace: They may feel a sense of peace knowing that their story will be preserved for future generations.

Ultimately, the emotions one experiences when being gifted a Legacy Interview will be unique to them. However, the emotions listed above are some of the most common ones that people experience when going through this process. These are all normal, which is why we are here to help both you and your loved one through the process.

How do I present this gift to my loved one?

After purchasing, we will send you a leather gift guide to present to your loved one. This is a personal and vulnerable experience, the gifting is tailored to the individual.

What do I do if my loved one turns it down?

It may be comforting to get to know the person interviewing them. We can arrange a conversation with Vance Crowe to talk about the process and answer questions/concerns.

It seems when people meet the person that will do the interview there is less ambiguity and a willingness to talk about what they are uncomfortable about.

There is no pressure. If it isn’t a good fit, you will get a full refund for the service.

What happens after giving the gift?

We can either schedule the interview through you or will contact your loved one directly to find a date for the interview that works best for them.

They will receive a preparation package 2-3 weeks before the interview. This includes thought-starter questions to stimulate memories, a clothing guide to ensure they look their best on camera, and our terms of service for complete transparency on the process.

We thank you for your trust in creating and preserving these Legacy Interviews.

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