We will deliver a lightly edited recording of a free flowing conversation. The host will ask open ended questions that keep the conversation moving forward. The recipient will receive a copy of the interview in a format that is easy to share while maintaining security and privacy. 

The cost for a single in-person interview is $1,500.

The in-person interview experience will be a high quality, fulfilling experience. Your loved one and a guest will visit a state of the art recording studio, be offered drinks and comfortable seating, and sit down with the highly personable host Vance Crowe for a discussion that is focused on themselves. Interviewees often remark that the experience was so enjoyable that it seemed like it flew by. The interview process will last approximately 2 hours.

Legacy Branch

We recognize that the more members of the family that you capture, the more complete the understanding of the family tree can be. We can organize the interviewing of multiple family members, either in-person or online. You give us contacts and we will do everything else.

Below is an example of one way to think about a “family branch” but you can decide which part of your family we should include. Contact us to talk about who would be in your family branch and how we could coordinate recording all of them. 

Some clients purchase this unique service as a gift for a person that will serve as a more in-depth experience.  We will pick your special person up from the airport or their home and bring them to our 16th floor studio with a skyline view. 

The guest will have a light lunch with host Vance Crowe and take some time to get to know one another before they begin an in-depth interview, deep diving into areas of their life/career/advice that others would want to hear. 

After the interview, we will escort them to their home or hotel where they will have a chance to freshen up before being taken to dinner with Vance. If they are traveling from out of town, in the morning your special person will be transported to the airport.  You cover the airfare, we take care of everything else! 

Click here to learn more and view a sample itinerary.

The price for this service is $5,000. 

How you can give this gift to a loved one

During the purchase process you can choose when your loved one will receive the explanation of your gift and a way to schedule the session.  If it is easier, you can also schedule the interview on their behalf. With our bulk gift options above, we will also print a series of leather-bound pamphlets that can be given as a physical representation of this gift, explaining what the experience is and who it is from.