Types of Legacy Interviews:

Full Day Experience

Mom & Dad Together

Give your parents each the opportunity to tell their stories as individuals and then have them do an interview together. Includes a catered lunch and a leather bound transcript of the whole day.

Brothers & Sisters

Have two family members come together to recall stories from their childhood. Great for memorials and to capture the history of a family business. Includes a catered lunch and leather bound transcript.

The Story-Teller

Sometimes a unique person needs a full day to cover their lifetime of experiences. This is the perfect gift for someone that wants to tell stories of family and businesses in detail.

All full day interviews include
– Executive chef catered lunch with our 16th floor views 
– 3 sessions of interviews divided up the way you want it. 
– DVD (M-Disc) that will play for 200+ years (learn more)
– Leather bound transcript


Retirement Gift

Celebrate and honor a retiring colleague by documenting the retiree’s personal and professional life.

A way to say thank you, and to capture their knowledge.
3 videos to capture these stories:
    – 1 private video telling family stories
   – 1 video for the company archives 
   – 1 highlights video for a company party.
– Executive chef catered lunch between interviews with our 16th floor views 
– DVD (M-Disc) that will play for 200+ years
– Leather bound transcript (optional)

Starting at $2,500

Half Day Experience

Done as an individual or as a couple, this is the a session designed to capture stories from your childhood, career, marriage, parenting and the wisdom learned along the way. 

Give your family the opportunity to know their history!

– Half day conversation
– Shareable digital version of 1.5-2 hour interview
– DVD (M-Disc) that will play for 200+ years
– Leather bound transcript (optional)


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Purchasing Options:

As a gift: We will send you a leather bound folder with a description of Legacy Interviews when giving a Legacy Interview as a gift. 

For yourself: We can help you schedule your interview and store it after you are done.

Make it a group gift: We can coordinate multiple payers so everyone can participate in buying the interview.

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