Full Day Session

This is a special experience for two people who will record their interview over an entire day. This relaxed experience offers a chance for each parent to tell their individual stories and then after a catered lunch we bring them together to record a session as a couple. This helps a family capture the very best of your parents, including how they interacted with one another.

Their stories, laughter and history so that future generations can know where they came from.

– Full-day
– Executive chef catered lunch with our 16th floor views 
– 3 Interviews throughout the day 
   – 1 with mom
   – 1 with dad 
   – 1 with mom and dad together!

– DVD (M-Disc) that will play for 200+ years
– Leather bound transcript


Retirement Gift

A legacy interview is an exceptional way to celebrate and honor a retiring colleague. During this experience, we will document the retiree’s personal and professional life, creating two videos in the process. The first video will be a private, intimate conversation for the retiree’s family to treasure, while the second will be a shorter, curated version of the company’s most impactful and memorable stories, to be shared with current and future colleagues. 

A way to say thank you, and to capture their knowledge.

3 videos to capture these stories:
   – 1 private video telling family stories
   – 1 video for the company archives 
   – 1 highlights video for a company party.

– Executive chef catered lunch between interviews with our 16th floor views 

– DVD (M-Disc) that will play for 200+ years
– Leather bound transcript (optional)

Starting at $3,500

Half Day Session

A half day session is the perfect amount of time to discuss where your family came from, your childhood and the experiences you had as an adult both in your work and as a parent.  

This session can be done as an individual or as a couple. You will be guided to discuss the five areas of life. 

Give your family the opportunity to know their history!

– Half day conversation
– Shareable digital version of 1.5-2 hour interview
– DVD (M-Disc) that will play for 200+ years
– Leather bound transcript (optional)


Half Day + Leather Bound Transcript

Turn your Online Legacy Interview into a beautiful leather bound book. 

  • Have your stories printed on archive-grade paper and bound by one of the only remaining book/bible binding companies in the US.
  • Create a family heirloom that will be placed on a shelf and treasured by future generations.
  • The opportunity to create an autobiography in a single sitting.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create a family heirloom. Order your interview and transcript today. 

Half Day Interview and Book just $3,500 USD + shipping

Other interviews clients have wanted

Seller’s Spotlight: Selling a company? We can help you describe your business so potential buyers understand the culture, history and plans that make your company valuable. 

Stories of the Farm: A focus on how the family built the farm, what it was like and what should be remembered. Great for siblings and business partners.  

Purchasing Options:

As a gift: Whether you’re looking to give a gift to a parent, grandparent, or any other loved one, Legacy Interviews provides a timeless and valuable record of their legacy that can be cherished by future generations.

For yourself: A Legacy Interview is a special and intimate experience that can be enjoyed not only as a personal reflection, but also as a shared one with a spouse. Capturing the essence of a life story together creates a timeless keepsake to pass down to future generations.

Make it a group gift

With Legacy Interviews, it’s easy for multiple people to contribute to the cost of the interview, making it a collaborative and meaningful way to celebrate the life of a loved one. By contributing to a Legacy Interview for a loved one, you are helping to preserve their memories, values, and life story in a unique and meaningful way. 

Simply check the “Group Gift” at checkout and we will orchestrate payments from multiple people. 

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