Retirement: Capture the stories and history of your company.

Company Stories: Creating an archive

This is a half-day interview where host Vance Crowe will ask questions that capture both the individual contributions of the retiree but also capture the history and stories about the company that are needed to understand where the company came from and how it got to where it is. 

We will deliver 2 videos for the company archive, one that is full length and another that can be edited to the right length for a retirement celebration.

– This package includes a lunch or dinner with our executive chef.


The Distinguished Life: Private and public videos

This is a full day interview with the intention of recording both a private video for the retiree and a public facing video that could be shown at a celebration. This allows the company to give an intimate private gift while also preserving some of the historical memories of the organization. This option includes the catered lunch, 2 videos (public and private), and a transcript of the interview in a leather-bound book for the client.

After the interview host Vance Crowe will write a summary of the highlights of the interview which is perfect for helping write a meaningful retirement speech.


What makes this gift special?

When a person from your company retires you will miss a lot more than their daily contributions, you also lose the stories and wisdom that made your company successful.

Listen to Doug Rushing talk about how his stories were captured after retiring from Monsanto.

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"I made this for my kids and the wonderful people who worked with me for many years. My kids loved it. Deeply consider the things you want to pass on. Soon after the interview I was diagnosed with Parkinson's and have suffered appreciable cognitive decline, so I’m grateful I was captured near my best."
Grant Williams
Retired CEO, Soft Surroundings

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