Company Explainer Interview

A chance to tell potential customers who you are, what you offer and why you are great to work with. 

A Company Explainer Interview is a video service designed to explain what your company does. We record a compelling conversation about the company’s story, designed to engage clients and distinguish your business in the marketplace.

This podcast-like interview will explore what you offer, key differentiators and will give viewers a feel for who you are – so they can know how it will be to do business with you. 

Let Legacy Interviews streamline your sales process by minimizing repetitive meetings. Our service helps by giving you the chance to explain who you are, ultimately boosting the chances of successful sales.

These company explainer interviews save countless hours in meetings and sets your company apart. Give your sales team a distinct edge in attracting ideal customers and closing deals efficiently and effectively.

Why choose Company Explainer Interviews?

Distinguish your company in the competitive market by leveraging a compelling story that highlights what makes your business unique.

  • Efficiency: Preemptively address customer questions with an engaging interview, minimizing the need for repetitive meetings.
  • Distinctiveness: Enable your company to stand out with a personalized story that accentuates your unique attributes.

What’s included?

  • A 60-minute, comprehensive interview with a representative of the business: Unearth the company’s core business model, culture, and what it is like to work with you.
  • A 5-7 minute highlight reel: Emphasize key insights that make you great to work with.
  • Expert interviewer: Vance Crowe, a seasoned professional with experience in Fortune 500 companies, negotiation public speaking, and over 500 interviews conducted.


  • Downloadable file
  • Private YouTube link


Invest in Company Explainer Interview today. Equip yours sales team with a powerful tool that will help sell your products and services.

Can we help you explain your company?

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