Stories of the Farm

Enrich the value of the farm by giving future generations a chance to know what happened on the land.

A Farm Legacy Interview is an opportunity to weave together the rich tapestry of your family’s farming history. This unique experience invites siblings to join forces, recounting tales of old equipment, forgotten mischief, and the sacrifices that made the family farm what it is today. 

This treasured heirloom will be a source of wisdom and inspiration for future generations, allowing them to continue the legacy efficiently and effectively.

Why invest in a Legacy Interview about the Farm?

Invest in a Farm Legacy Interview and secure the vital knowledge and history that has made your family farm what it is today. This process is not only a worthy business expense but also a significant investment in preserving invaluable agricultural wisdom.

Business Insight: Capture the stories of your land and unique farming techniques that have been developed to make the most of the land. This knowledge, once documented, can serve as an important resource for future operations.

Preserving History: The Legacy Interview serves as a testament to your farm’s rich history. It encapsulates the journey of your farm, the evolution of equipment, the sacrifices made, and the stories of triumph that shouldn’t be forgotten.

What’s Included? 

  • A 1/2 day interview for 1 or 2 people designed to specifically focus on farm history.
  • An opportunity to create a list of questions that will capture important stories, family trees and specific knowledge about the land.


  • Downloadable file
  • Private YouTube link for sharing
  • M-Disc for preserving your story for 200+ years.

Pricing: $2,000

Invest in Farm Legacy Interviews today. Create a priceless heirloom that honors your farm’s unique story and preserves vital agricultural knowledge for future generations.

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