On-Site Legacy Interviews

Most Legacy Interviews are conducted in our Legacy Interview studios in Saint Louis, Missouri.  However, some clients wish to have us visit their home or a comfortable place so that we can capture them in their own environment.  For an added fee we will come to your location to conduct a Legacy Interview. 

Sugi Taylor

Sugi Taylor agreed to do a Legacy Interview as a demonstration experience at a speaker’s series held at the Gatesworth Senior Living, in Saint Louis, Missouri.   

During this interview she discusses her life as a Japanese American living in Japan during WWII, having children in the US, and her life now. 

This is an example of an on-site Legacy Interview.

When we do an on-site Legacy Interview there are many factors we need to account for, space for the cameras, lights, microphones and how can we do it so that the sound and audio quality meet our standards.  If you are interested in getting a quote for an on-site Legacy Interview click the link below, fill out the form and someone from our team will schedule a call to learn more.   

Legacy Interviews are private and confidential.
You are viewing an example portion of a Legacy Interview that Mrs. Taylor agreed to allow us to share so that you could understand what the interview looks and sounds like.

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