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What do people want to hear from their great grandfather?

“If you could receive a recording from your great grandfather, what would you hope he talked about?”


I asked this question on Twitter. But before you read the answers below I challenge you to open up a document, or grab a piece of paper and write down your answer.


Once you read what other’s wrote it will change what you think, and maybe it will give you some better ideas, but the answer is actually deeply personal to you.


A lot of people want to know the details of the ancestors –

It is common for people to wonder about the relationship between your great grandfather and his wife, your great grandmother.

Everyone wants to hear stories.

People want to know how to live up to their ancestor’s expectations.

A lot of men want to know what their great grandfather drank.

We all want to know… why they did what they did, and how.

You won’t get that recording, but you could create it for your great grandchildren…

It is clear that this question captures the minds of anyone you ask. What a gift it would be to see and hear your ancestors talking about their lives. Even if they thought their lives were nothing special, the fact that it is your family legacy is what makes it valuable. 

The good news is that you could create this recording to be shared with your great grandchildren. You shouldn’t wait to do it. You could buy a Legacy Interview and one day give it to your great grand children.  

Once you do a Legacy Interview; you have it, forever. 

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