What to wear at your interview

Advice from Articulate Ventures about fabrics, colors, and jewelry.

How you will look on camera

  • Most of the time you will be shown from the rib cage up or shoulders up.
  • You will likely have one camera angle that captures your entire figure while you are seated in a chair that will help you have your best posture.

How to choose your wardrobe

This is upscale casual. Like you are having a group of old friends over for dinner at your
house. You want to look your best, but this is relaxed, so you should also be comfortable.

  • Men may wear sport coats but should not feel pressure to have a full suit or wear
    a tie. Polos, sweaters, vests, pull-overs. 
  • Women if you wear a skirt or a dress, make sure that it is comfortable. Don’t
    choose anything that you will be self conscious about the camera angles.


  • Synthetic fabrics designed to repel rain should be avoided because they add
    unnecessary noise into microphones. 
  • Don’t wear anything that will become too warm and cause you to sweat. The
    temperature is about 70° but depending on several factors (lights equipment) the
    room may become warmer.


  • Avoid wearing all black or all white. 
  • Avoid wearing red or bright yellow. 
  • Avoid wearing patterns (fine lines and stripes,
    houndstooth, plaid)


  • Wear what you really enjoy wearing. Don’t be bashful, it is often
    valuable because of who gave it to you, or occasions you wore it to.