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Why we use a Bible Binding Company to Make your Legacy Interview Autobiography [and Why You Should Care]

Most modern books are made for “short-term” storage. They are made with glue and binding. But what if you wanted to create a book that you could open thousands of times and you could pass down for generations. We explain why it is worth it to send our Legacy Interview transcripts to one of the last remaining bible binding companies in the country.

A tragedy or a treasure?

Imagine if you had a book in your home of your great-great-great grandparent’s experience in the world. It would talk about how they grew up, the food they ate, how their parents treated them, and how they met.

Wouldn’t it be horrible if you had the book but you were afraid to open it because every time you did, pages fell out, or it felt like it was breaking down? The book would be a constant reminder that you had something fragile you couldn’t really use.

But now imagine the opposite, what if you had that same book on the shelf, and you had no concerns about opening it up, about showing it to your children. You knew it would be able to be passed down for many more generations.

Why book binding matters.

Most books on a library shelf are glued together and crimped on the spine to hold the whole thing together. For books on your shelf that you pull out and read, maybe pass on to your kids, the hardback binding will be fine. These books are more for short-term storage and low use.

Why we use a bible re-finishing company

We use a bible binding company (one of the last in the country) to print and bind our leather bound Legacy Interviews because we know that how the pages are held together matters. Bible binding is an art that includes hand stitching the pages together. This stitching, particularly if you use high grade thread made out of linen, will increase the strength of the book dramatically. Properly bound books encased in high quality leather can last hundreds of years.


If you really want a book to endure the test of time, especially if you plan to open it frequently, an ordinary glued book won’t suffice. Instead, opt for the enduring craftsmanship of leather bound books with stitching that will last for hundreds of years. That’s why families have been able to pass bibles down for generations. By putting the same level of care and attention into crafting a family autobiography, you can create a true family heirloom.

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