Secure your family's stories, values and wisdom in a private video interview.

What is a Legacy Interview?

A private video recording of your experiences, family stories and wisdom with professional interviewer Vance Crowe, who will guide the conversation so that the memories can be beautifully preserved and passed down forever. 

"I made this for my kids and the wonderful people who worked with me for many years. My kids loved it. Deeply consider the things you want to pass on. Soon after the interview I was diagnosed with Parkinson's and have suffered appreciable cognitive decline, so Iā€™m grateful I was captured near my best."
Grant Williams
Retired CEO, Soft Surroundings

What you will receive

A Legacy Interview is a profound experience. Professional interviewer Vance Crowe will guide guests to telling stories that are clear, engaging and pass down wisdom.

Our family will treasure this legacy interview with my grandparents and it will help my children remember them.

ā€” Heather Steffens

Wondering what the questions will be like?

Download our Memory Guide to help you prepare to record your most valuable stories. You can write down your answers, or just think about them. Many of these questions are the same ones our host will ask during a real interview. Think of this as a long walk with your past self.